February 23, 2024

Do you know that your abdomen and mind are constantly interacting by way of a community of nerves often called the vagus nerve?

This nerve is accountable for quite a few vital actions in your physique, together with digestion, emotion, immunity, and irritation.

However what in case you might improve this communication and enhance your digestive well being by stimulating your vagus nerve?

On this weblog submit, you may learn to obtain that utilizing simple, pure approaches you might attempt at house.

What Is the Vagus Nerve and Why Is It Essential for Your Digestion?

The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve of the human physique. It’s additionally referred to as cranial nerve X12. It begins out of your mind and goes right down to your chest and stomach.

It helps your physique do belongings you don’t have to consider, like preserving your heartbeat regular, respiratory usually, and digesting meals.

It’s a part of your parasympathetic nervous system, which is accountable for your physique’s “relaxation and digest” capabilities.

The vagus nerve performs an important function in regulating digestion and stimulating abdomen acid and enzyme manufacturing.

It influences your intestine well being by stimulating the discharge of digestive juices and hormones that allow you to digest meals correctly.

It additionally facilitates the passage of meals by way of your intestine, permitting you to eradicate waste merchandise successfully out of your system.

The Connection Between the Vagus Nerve and the Intestine Microbiome

You have got many sorts of tiny dwelling issues, like germs and molds, in your intestines. They’re referred to as the intestine microbiome.

They affect your digestion, immunity, temper, and general well-being.

The vagus nerve connects your mind and intestine, sending indicators backwards and forwards. This creates a communication system that impacts your psychological and bodily well being.

Methods to Spot and Deal with Vagus Nerve Dysfunction That Causes Digestive Points?

Typically the vagus nerve can turn out to be broken or dysfunctional on account of diabetes, surgical procedure, an infection, stress, or trauma.


These circumstances can have an effect on your digestion in numerous methods, equivalent to slowing your abdomen emptying, inflicting acid to again up into your esophagus, irritating your bowel, or overgrowing micro organism in your small gut.

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It’s possible you’ll expertise signs like feeling sick, throwing up, feeling full or swollen, having gasoline, feeling ache in your abdomen, having hassle passing stools or having free stools.

One of many methods to stop or deal with these digestive issues is by stimulating your vagus nerve naturally. This could enhance its operate and restore communication along with your intestine and mind.

One of many methods that may stimulate your vagus nerve naturally is vagus nerve therapeutic massage. This entails making use of strain to sure factors in your physique which might be related to the vagus nerve.

It helps loosen up muscle tissues, enhance blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and scale back ache and irritation.

Therapeutic massage can even improve your digestion and intestine well being by stimulating the manufacturing of digestive enzymes and hormones.

You’ll be able to therapeutic massage your neck, ears, stomach, or ft to activate your vagus nerve.

Methods to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve Naturally?

Thankfully, there are some pure methods to stimulate your vagus nerve and improve its operate.

Listed below are a few of the strategies you’ll be able to attempt:

Deep Respiration

If you take sluggish and simple breaths, you’ll be able to activate the a part of your nerves that makes you’re feeling calm and set off your vagus nerve.

This might help digestion and intestinal motility whereas additionally decreasing your coronary heart fee, blood strain, and stress ranges.

You’ll be able to attempt workouts that enable you breathe deeply, equivalent to respiratory along with your stomach or altering nostrils.

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Take a breath and rely 4 instances. Don’t breathe, and rely 4 instances. Set free a breath and rely 4 instances.

Maintain repeating this cycle for 10 to fifteen minutes a day, every single day.

Singing or Buzzing

Singing or buzzing can even stimulate your vagus nerve by activating the muscle tissues in your throat and vocal cords, in line with analysis revealed in Music Notion Journal.

It raises your coronary heart fee variability (HRV), a measure of the steadiness of your sympathetic and parasympathetic neural methods.

The next HRV signifies a greater vagal tone and a more healthy nervous system.

You’ll be able to sing or hum your favourite songs, or chant mantras or prayers, to spice up your vagus nerve exercise.

Chilly Publicity

Chilly temperatures may cause a vagal response, which decreases your coronary heart fee and blood strain whereas growing blood circulation to your digestive organs.

This promotes digestion and metabolism whereas additionally reducing irritation within the physique.

You can also make your vagus nerve work higher by utilizing chilly water. You’ll be able to bathe, swim, splash your face, or drink chilly water.


Meditation enables you to deal with the current second and scale back stress, anxiousness, and unfavourable feelings that may have an effect on your digestion.

It will probably additionally improve your consciousness of your physique and its sensations, together with starvation, fullness, and digestion.

For 10 to twenty minutes every day, observe mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, or guided meditation.


Yoga is one other option to stimulate your vagus nerve by combining bodily poses, respiratory methods, and psychological focus.

Yoga can enhance your digestion, intestine well being, and temper by growing your HRV, blood circulation, and oxygen supply to your organs and decreasing stress and irritation.

Apply yoga poses that contain twisting, bending, or stretching your stomach, equivalent to cat-cow, bridge, or little one pose.

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In conventional Chinese language medication, acupuncture entails placing skinny needles into sure factors of your physique.

There are lots of advantages of acupuncture. It will probably assist stimulate your vagus nerve by modulating {the electrical} exercise in your nerves and muscle tissues.

You should utilize it to assist with ache, swelling, feeling sick, and issues along with your digestion.

Medical Gadgets That Can Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve

If pure therapies don’t work, you’ll be able to take the assistance of those medical units:

Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS)

This machine is surgically implanted underneath your pores and skin close to your collarbone. It has a wire that connects to the vagus nerve in your neck. It delivers electrical impulses to your vagus nerve at common intervals.

It will probably assist deal with epilepsy seizures and melancholy and enhance digestion and different capabilities. You’ll be able to modify the machine’s settings with a handheld magnet or a distant management.

Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS)

This works in the identical methods as a VNS however is worn in your ear like a headphone. It has electrodes that ship electrical impulses to your vagus nerve by way of the pores and skin of your ear.

It will probably assist enhance temper, cognition, reminiscence, and digestion. You’ll be able to attempt it at house by your self or with a health care provider’s assist at a clinic.

Remaining Phrases

To sum up, stimulating your vagus nerve can profit your digestive system. It will probably enable you loosen up, decrease irritation, enhance intestine motion, and steadiness your intestine micro organism.

You’ll be able to simply stimulate your vagus nerve at house by performing some easy workouts, equivalent to respiratory deeply, singing, gargling, exposing your self to chilly, getting acupuncture, or meditating.

Strive them and see how they will enhance your digestion and general well being.