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Being pregnant is the time when a lady’s physique is especially vulnerable to viruses and infections. And whereas some viruses pose little to no hazard to the expectant mom and her baby, others, like rubella, can deliver discomfort to the mom and, extra importantly, have a destructive influence on the event of the fetus. When pregnant girls bear prenatal testing throughout their being pregnant, they’re usually beneficial to check if they’re proof against rubella. Rubella testing helps to judge the dangers of getting the virus or if the mother-to-be is already proof against this virus. 

Whereas rubella isn’t a severe illness itself, it will possibly severely have an effect on the event of the fetus. Let’s have a better take a look at what rubella is, the indicators and signs that point out virus an infection, issues rubella could cause throughout being pregnant, in addition to therapy pregnant girls can bear. 

The unfold of the rubella virus

Rubella (additionally referred to as German measles) is an airborne an infection principally unfold through cough and sneezes from the contaminated particular person. It might additionally unfold via kissing, handshaking, meals sharing and contaminated objects. Persons are usually proof against future infections after they get well from the virus. 

Indicators and signs of rubella

Rubella often begins with a low-grade fever and a sore throat adopted by a rash spreading from the face to your entire physique. Some individuals expertise very delicate signs of rubella or don’t expertise any signs in any respect. Nevertheless, they will nonetheless be the carriers of the virus. In line with the CDC, rubella was declared eradicated in 2004. Nevertheless, the dangers of getting contaminated nonetheless exist as unvaccinated individuals can contract the virus from contaminated people. CDC recommends that ladies get vaccinated in opposition to rubella effectively earlier than getting pregnant as contracting rubella throughout being pregnant can have destructive impacts extra on the fetus than the pregnant mom. 

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Issues of rubella

Though the therapy of rubella is pretty easy and the virus usually doesn’t pose a severe hazard to the mom, it will possibly negatively have an effect on the child rising contained in the womb of the mom. Issues from rubella embrace:

  • Congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). CRS is a situation that develops within the fetus whose mom is contaminated with the virus. The virus within the pregnant girl’s physique could cause extreme beginning defects within the child akin to deafness, cataracts, coronary heart defects, mental disabilities, liver and spleen injury and others. 
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Preterm beginning 

It is suggested to get vaccinated in opposition to rubella earlier than getting pregnant. It’s also beneficial to delay getting pregnant for no less than 4 weeks after getting a rubella shot. Vaccination throughout being pregnant isn’t beneficial. 

Screening for rubella earlier than being pregnant

As a result of rubella can negatively have an effect on the event of the kid within the womb, girls planning to get pregnant are beneficial to get a screening for rubella antibodies. It includes a blood take a look at which screens for the presence of IgG antibodies in opposition to rubella. If the take a look at result’s optimistic it means the lady already has rubella antibodies and no vaccination is required. If the consequence comes again destructive it signifies that the lady is susceptible to getting contaminated and subsequently vaccination is beneficial. 

Probabilities of passing rubella to the creating fetus

Probabilities of passing rubella to your child whereas pregnant oscillate between 25 to 85%. Chances are high the best through the first trimester of being pregnant (85%), 50% when a lady is in her second trimester, and 25% through the third trimester. 

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In case you plan on having infants, your physician will suggest you to take a prenatal take a look at to test if you’re proof against rubella in addition to different viruses. If the take a look at consequence reveals no immunity in opposition to rubella, your physician could suggest you to get a rubella shot earlier than getting pregnant. In case you are already pregnant and never proof against rubella, that is what you are able to do to guard your self and your child:

  • Avoid those that could also be contaminated with the virus
  • Converse to your physician instantly after having been involved with somebody who could have rubella

If at any time throughout or earlier than the being pregnant the blood take a look at detects rubella antibodies, the possibilities of being reinfected are usually low.

Remedy in opposition to rubella

The signs of rubella are usually delicate and there’s no particular therapy for rubella. Ingesting lots of fluids and staying in mattress are beneficial throughout rubella. Pregnant girls are often prescribed acetaminophen to alleviate rubella signs. To deal with extra severe signs, a blood transfusion or steroids could also be prescribed. 


General, rubella doesn’t pose a severe hazard to pregnant girls. Nevertheless, the hazard lies within the destructive penalties the virus can have on the creating child. Due to this fact, testing for rubella earlier than being pregnant in addition to getting a rubella shot earlier than planning to have infants is the best answer in opposition to rubella.

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